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Our Car Scrapping Process

• At Scrapys Auto Salvage, we've streamlined our car scrapping process to ensure efficiency, best prices, customer satisfaction, and environmental responsibility:

• Inspection and Verification: Upon pickup of your junk car, our driver performs a thorough inspection, checking for missing parts and verifying that the catalytic converter is attached and original..

• Documentation and Payment: You'll sign the title of the vehicle over to Scrapys by signing and printing your name as the Seller on the bottom of the title, and the driver will write a bill of sale for your signature to record the transaction. The agreed-upon sale amount is paid to you in cash. If you do not have the title but we are able to verify ownership, we will complete one additional piece of paperwork and make a copy of your driver’s license to complete the transaction

• Secure Loading: Your vehicle is loaded onto one of our tow trucks and securely fastened to ensure safe transportation..

• Environmental Responsibility: We take environmental stewardship seriously. Before recycling, we extract all hazardous liquids and gasses from each vehicle, ensuring safe disposal.

• Dismantling and Recycling: Our skilled technicians dismantle essential parts and materials for resale or recycling, and the rest of the vehicle is flattened in an industrial car crusher.

• Crushed cars are loaded onto a flatbed truck and sent to the shredder for further recycling. Recycled materials are utilized in the manufacture of new automobiles and a wide range of other products.

• Environmental Impact: Our process is not only efficient but also essential for our surrounding community and the worldwide environment. Recycling old materials reduces the consumption of resources, minimizes the environmental footprint, and conserves manpower.

By choosing Scrapys, you're not only getting top dollar for your junk car but also playing a crucial role in preserving our planet's resources and reducing waste. Join us in making a positive impact on the environment and your community. Ready to junk your car and be a part of this journey? Contact us today to get started!

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- Year, Make, Model
- Vehicle's Location
- Vehicle's Condition
- Current Market Price of Recyclable Metals

Using these factors, we calculate the salvage value of your vehicle, which, in turn, determines the cash offer for your junk car. Our commitment is to offer the most competitive scrap prices in Florida.