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Firstly, upon pickup of your junk car, one of our drivers will perform an inspection of the vehicle. Our driver checks for any missing parts & verifies the vehicle identification number. Secondly, the driver will load your vehicle onto one of our tow trucks and secure it accordingly. Thirdly, the driver will then have you sign the title of the vehicle over to SCRAPYS and fill out a bill of sale to record the transaction. Once the vehicle is safely loaded, paperwork completed, the driver will then pay you the agreed upon sale amount in Cash. After the paperwork has been processed, we then begin extracting all hazardous liquids and gasses from each vehicle. We then dismantle the battery, wheels, engine, transmission and then finally we flatten the car in an industrial car crusher. After that, we load the crushed cars onto a long flatbed truck in stacks of 4 cars, wrap it with mesh material and send it on it's way to the shredder. The tires, rims, engines, transmissions, scrap metal and other minor parts are all recycled to make new cars and a large variety of other products. This process is extremly important to our surrounding community and worldwide environment. Less money, resources and manpower will be spent by recycling the old material instead of producing new materials.

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How Much is My Car Worth?

Getting rid of your junk car isn’t a complicated process, but determining how much it's worth and taking the proper steps to getting the most value can be a little confusing.

Unfortunately, there is no simple formula for appraising a vehicle’s value, but all appraisals, at least from a salvage companies perspective, have these common factors:

- Location of Vehicle
- Year, Make, Model
- Condition of Vehicle
- Current Price of Scrap Metal

It’s with these factors that appraisers will estimate the value of your vehicle, which ultimately determines what they can pay you cash for your junk car.